At Curtain Industrial Co., Ltd., we offer a variety of high-quality metal accessories that meet a wide range of binding, protection, and decoration needs. Our other metal accessories series include versatile brads, sturdy corner protectors, and multipurpose tacks.

Brads are a type of small hardware suitable for document management, creative display, and organizing papers. Our brads come in two types:

  • Round Head Brads: Made from high-quality steel, available in various colors, suitable for general document fastening.
  • Decorative Head Brads: Features a variety of head designs including stars, flowers, squares, and circles, offering a rich palette of colors, perfect for crafting handmade cards, decorations, crafts, and sewing projects.

Corner Protector
To protect important documents from bending or tearing, our corner protectors are a must-have in offices, libraries, and archives. These protectors effectively secure the corners of documents, prolonging their lifespan.

Our tacks are suitable for quickly fastening paper or fabric to walls or boards. Whether for office notices, crafts, or decoration projects, our tacks provide a reliable and sturdy fix.

At Curtain Industrial Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing the highest quality metal accessories to meet your professional needs. Explore our products, discover more possibilities, and make your office and creative work smoother and more productive.

Brads (Paper Fasteners)
Corner Protector
Safety Pin