Curtain Accessories

Curtain Industrial Ltd. Comprehensive Product Overview Curtain Industrial Ltd. offers a wide range of curtain accessories, focusing on innovation and quality to meet various commercial and residential needs. Here is a detailed introduction to our product categories:
  1. Curtain Fixtures and Hooks Series
    • Cleats (Cord Cleats): Made from transparent PC material, used to secure curtain cords, preventing tangling or sagging. Typically installed beside the window frame for ease of operation and neatness.
    • Adjustable Curtain Hooks: Suitable for curtains of different heights and thicknesses, easily adjustable to provide flexible usage options.
    • Metal Curtain Hooks: Includes models like CH711 butterfly hooks and CH713 curtain pins. CH711 is made of metal, designed to be fixed to the top of the curtain tape. The CH713 model features a pin design that easily penetrates curtains of various thicknesses and is suitable for heavy curtains.
    • Tie Back Hooks: Both decorative and practical, used to secure curtain ties, enhancing interior aesthetics.
  2. Curtain Rings and I-Beam Track Systems
    • Shower Curtain Rings: Curtain rings for shower curtains, made of metal, simple and smooth design, easy to change curtains. Once the hook is locked, it is secure and unlikely to fall off. Simple installation.
    • I-Beam Curtain System: Provides a quick and durable installation solution, with components including tracks, L-brackets, runners, end stops, and wood screws. With various runner accessories, it can be matched with almost any curtain. Wood screws and brackets allow for rapid installation, suitable for lightweight curtains, such as medical curtains, boat curtains, outdoor camping, or RV curtain systems.
  3. Roman Blind Accessories
    • Roman Blind Curtain Rings: Includes both transparent plastic and metal materials, used to secure Roman blind curtain cords, providing cord guidance.
    • Cord Locks and Guides: Includes cord locks, wheeled cord guides, and cord adjuster orbs, designed to simplify operations and enhance user experience.
    • Safety Features: Includes P-Clips and Safety Shroud Tape, designed to prevent accidents involving children and pets, preventing the formation of dangerous looped cords, posing strangulation hazards, and protecting family safety.
  4. Additional Curtain Accessories
    • Ripple Fold Curtain Tape: Specifically designed for Ripplefold curtains, easy to install, maintains the connection between the curtain and the rod, creating a signature S-fold appearance.
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